Monday, March 5, 2012

How to Inspire a Broken Heart

Hello! I'm Trenius, an inspirationalist. This blog was created to tell how to INSPIRE a broken heart. I've also neuro- linguistically designed this blog, and it will construct a HAPPY and more relaxed mental process in the mind of a person with a broken heart or anyone who doesn't mind being happier!  Guaranteed healing results! YOU are being INSPIRED! 

Force Broke the Heart 

Let’s be honest, at times you do think back on the past and ask yourself "How did I get myself into this mess? Or where did I go wrong? Once upon a time you may have asked yourself "Can my heart be healed?” And my answer to that is yes, but the change starts in you. We've all made some wrong decisions only to learn from them in the end when things don't quite turn out the way we expected. So trust me when I say you are not the only one with a broken heart. If you were the only one in the whole wide world with a broken heart then everyone in the world would owe you apologies. And that still wouldn't be fair.

In relationships the one who usually suffers from a broken heart is the person who supposedly gave it their all, and claim they didn't cheat, plus completely trusted their partner with all their heart to the fullest extent. While being totally convinced within themselves, more than likely the broken heart person believes they and only they have been wronged. Doesn't that seem selfish? But I mean this could be true and that's o.k.

However, my point is... did it not take two people to create this big of a mess? There's no possible way 1 person was created to perfection yet known to be so evil. Let’s face it, we as individuals have the power to create anything we want, only if it's empowered by desire, determination, love, wisdom, and ambition. In other words, my philosophy makes sense, two wrongs make a wrong and one right is not so innocent if one went wrong. Get it? If not, let me break it down for you mathematically. Do the math - Two negatives make a greater negative like in the following solution > ( -3 + -3 = -6 ) One great negative, plus one positive ultimately still creates a negative > ( -33 + 3 = -30 ) < aka, who ever is the person operating at a (-33) degree negative attitude is pretty angry. But the person who is only at a (3) percent positive attitude, will not have enough money to buy themselves happiness! The person suffering is still in the negative at (-30), and the level (3) spirit in the positive person is not enough help. Therefore their must be a team effort on the behalf of each person. Whoever see's the solution first should not speak about it but instead go there. In this case, although this formula is synthetic it tells the story of couple in a relationship at it's most dreadful state. The person who's still piously intact to function with some common sense must go down and meet that angry person right where they roam which is in denial, grab their hand and simply pull them up charitably.

Telepathy between Two Broken Pieces, a Healing Feeling 

At every single second of the day someone somewhere heart is being broken-to-pieces bit by bit. No one deserves this kind of torment just because they saw the potential in a person they decided to love. They spiritually gave them a ticket that says you have won my trust and kindness, simply because I trust you. But rather than realizing how great a privilege it is to gain another person’s trust, they always get distracted by the crowd, forget they have the ball and fumble. For example: Right now someone’s arguing, someone currently in a disagreement with another person, someone is dwelling on past memories seeking self-help, physical abuse, loss of loved ones etc... Sometimes we must worry about what matters most. Did you know that an individual could have a broken heart and not even know it? You might say how is this so? Well let’s use men for instance -

Most men who are in a committed relationship and truly in love with his partner would probably express his sympathy in ways his partner may understand or may not detect right away depending on the oneness they possess as a couple in relationship. On the other hand, there are some guys who just won't express his feelings to show any symptoms or signs of his broken heart. And it’s not that he’s not sympathetic, it could be that he see's the solution to the problem and know that it will be obtained through his will power. In addition, what he doesn't realize is that he should express his thoughts and stop being so 'moncho-man'. He uses reverse psychology and manipulates himself and the relationship by saying "Everyone is not made to whine over the petty little moments that really don’t matter in what we call life because they’d rather use their mind." The mind of a man you can't help but to love... his slick intelligent words based on his compelling theories. Always seem to get the best of a woman but not today, because this time you had your antennas up.

Furthermore, most of the time these type of guys are usually the ones who never expected to be in a committed relationship in the first place. Unlike the average female who normally has more relationship experience. Most women's love stretches far and wide, high and low searching for the sympathy that is known to exist even by those with proof who purchased it. Technically speaking, a woman is in fact more hardwired to be able to express herself more emotionally than a man. However, if not implemented correctly this special ability could backfire for the worse rather than the betterment of a relationship. We must be able to change our perspective and have great understanding in the people whom we associate with. We must be able to see the world in another person's eyes before we can point the finger at ourselves for attention and them as the bad guys. For instance: Let me get to know this person and figure out what THEY like. How can I act during a conversation to gain influence from the other person? The answer is, stop being so focused on YOU. This is hard because people naturally think this way. So think about how great you will become in anything if you put your focus on a world of relational beings. In order to get respect you have to give respect but this is a learning process.

When your heart is broken you can't seem to get over it! It feels as if your life is over and everything new is old. You've been there and done that before and this time you won't fall for the tips and tricks. You were the only one hurt the most, were you not? It could have been better only if you would have done some things differently because we aren't perfect and the past hurts when we can’t change it. We all make mistakes however, issue broadens the horizon of darkness when we choose to not let it go into the abyss. No matter how much our self thinks about the situation, we are the thought changer. The funny thing about it, whoever broke your heart, if your heart has been broken, 9 times out of 10 they are having fun right now! And they’ll call you when the fun is over because they know you are still stuck in the past. They think back on what happened putting themselves back in your shoes just as you are and create that feeling all over again in a conversation. Wow, didn't it feel so real? It's almost as if it didn't even happen to them, but you... need no one to live if you can still breathe. You are the one with the ability to make it all change in order to experience the peace and joy that screams for freedom from within your soul. Notice your heart beat, realize it is still working and always has been and that this is what it was made to do for you to remain alive today. Continue to explore for love that last forever as long as you shall live. No one has authority to take away from you what you’ve always had. Now, as easy as this was done, Life begins again instantly after you breathe your next breath...... Good, You Feel the breath of life and your heart is now Healed.


  1. you are right, this is really inspiring and will surely uplift those who are experiencing a broken heart.

    just a short note to share, love is not always a bed of roses...

    let the heartaches serve as an inspiration to move on and to love and be loved again :)

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  7. we can't blame anyone...because now a days both men and women taking the decisions in a heat moment to brake there relationships..