Saturday, June 26, 2010

Victims of Dating Scams are Stupid

Online dating scams are huge at the moment. I have seen my friends signing-up to different online dating sites for the purpose of having their dream husbands to marry them and give them the luxury of money they need. The Philippines has many pretty ladies and many of them use the internet to find a mate, especially a guy from the United States. They converse good English and many have dreams of moving to the U.S. Since Philippines are considered a poor country and even very qualified people find it difficult to find a better job. Even if they do find a job, it is usually not highly paid. This makes them otherwise take an option to leverage from the internet specifically to Online Dating Sites.
If you are going to use the internet for online dating then it is very important you learn to know the signs of an online dating scam. So what can we do to protect ourselves against these online dating scams?
Well, here are five quick tips to help ensure you don’t get caught out. always, these scams are mainly men scamming women, but of course, it happens both ways, so this advice is for everyone!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

8 Concepts You Need to Ask Before Joining a Network Marketing/Direct Selling

Today, most direct selling/network marketing companies in the Philippines are on the rise. And so are those illegal pyramiding scams.
As a good citizen, it is our duty to make our due diligence before joining such entities.
For those who would want to join or are just planning to venture into Network Marketing or Direct Selling it would be advisable to know How to differentiate a legitimate direct selling/network marketing company from pyramiding using the 8-point Test.
But first, let us define the following:
Definition of Direct Selling, Network Marketing and MLM vs. Pyramiding
Direct Selling/ Network Marketing is face-to-face selling to the consumers through independent distributors or sales people. It is a legitimate marketing medium that is used to sell practically anything.
Pyramiding is an illegal money scam often confused with legitimate network marketing plans, where people are convinced to pay money for a chance to profit from the payments of others who might join later.
How to differentiate a legitimate direct selling company from pyramiding using the 8-point Test