Saturday, June 26, 2010

Victims of Dating Scams are Stupid

Online dating scams are huge at the moment. I have seen my friends signing-up to different online dating sites for the purpose of having their dream husbands to marry them and give them the luxury of money they need. The Philippines has many pretty ladies and many of them use the internet to find a mate, especially a guy from the United States. They converse good English and many have dreams of moving to the U.S. Since Philippines are considered a poor country and even very qualified people find it difficult to find a better job. Even if they do find a job, it is usually not highly paid. This makes them otherwise take an option to leverage from the internet specifically to Online Dating Sites.
If you are going to use the internet for online dating then it is very important you learn to know the signs of an online dating scam. So what can we do to protect ourselves against these online dating scams?
Well, here are five quick tips to help ensure you don’t get caught out. always, these scams are mainly men scamming women, but of course, it happens both ways, so this advice is for everyone!

Ask for and look forward to webcam conversations. It’s one thing to upload a photo of an attractive person on the internet, but they aren’t going to be able to pull that off over a webcam. Webcams only cost a small amount of money these days, so if you’re getting excuses on why they can’t webcam with you, you should be taking a big step back.
Scammers are more often than not found on free dating websites, they are in this game to make money not spend it.  And no matter what new techniques dating services try to toss at you, the bottom line is that there is no complete or guaranteed sure way to successfully find that perfect match. The only sure way in knowing if that person is the one for you is by meeting him or her in person, and after spending at least an hour with each other even if it is just for a coffee, you will know definitely if you scored.
If they are claiming to hold definite positions at work or a certain level of education, ask those questions about their profession. They should be able to give you honest discussion and answer basic questions without needing to quote, “get back to you on that”. Keep a “watch out” for basic grammatical and spelling errors which could indicate that the spammer is not writing in their native language. Again, it can be a sign of their level of education.
I have noticed one of the news I saw yesterday was “I got scammed by a girl I met on a dating website”. The situation usually starts with a story how a guy met a beautiful Filipina on an online dating website and they started chatting and talking continuously on the internet. Sooner or later the girl tells the man she loves him. Of course the guy thinks he has found his future bride. Then ever so cleverly the lady starts asking the man for money to pay for the internet so they can chat everyday. Of course this seems reasonable to the guy so he starts sending her some money so she pay for the internet, which then turns into money for a new computer, college fees, school fees for her sister an operation for her poor mother and so on. The man then decides to reserve a trip to visit his future bride in the Philippines. If he even meets his girlfriend, he is then in for a surprise as she is either married, has children, looks very different from the photograph she posted on the internet or maybe the worst case scenario, “she” is actually a “he” or gay.
“An online dating scam is when a scammer, male or female, creates a false personal profile and makes contact with you by means of an online dating agency or even a specialized chat room. The scammer says that they are seeking romance or a soul mate but are really out to steal not only your heart but your cash too.”
One of the reasons these people get away with online dating scams is because their victims all believe they are not the type of person who could fall for a scammer, often believing they can spot a scammer a mile away. Love is based on trust and honesty and it is your trustfulness that these online dating scam artists are plundering upon. They see your ability to love as your greatest weakness. So, by following the above advice, you can help to protect yourself and ensure that your life and your money are kept safe.
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