Saturday, July 24, 2010

Absurd concept of duplication in MLM

Duplication in MLM has received so much positive push. Most Upline would suggest that their brilliancy in network marketing experience is the only proper way to do in order for you to be successful; all you have to do is to follow what they’ve told you and “be coachable” (sounds familiar?). Why so much good press on duplication?

Duplication is not quite important as others believe, in my opinion. Entrepreneurs are by their very nature innovative, creative and individualistic. One of the biggest fallacies in MLM is that we should attempt to force creative people to use systems which they don’t line and often can’t copy. Let’s face the fact that entrepreneurial innovation, not organization duplication that works is important.

The secret to have a working force in your organization is to respect your people’s unique and innovative talents. I’m sure that your income will double.  Do not force people to adopt your techniques because some people function at different level than others. You will have super performers, and slower performers. They’re just human for heaven’s sake!

At this time, I don’t suppose for one minute that we ever elevate ourselves by belittling others.  My point is that duplication played no role in the growth of each premier organization. Or many might misinterpret my opinions that new distributors will not be given instructions or have a sense of structure. New people need a basic step or a system as their foundation.  We should encourage them on their own strengths also.  

So what do you think we should do if duplication is not always the key to successful MLM? I would suggest that you innovate. Help new distributors figure out how best to use their own talents to find and retail customers and recruit distributors.  It may be true that replication is the highest form of smooth talk it’s NOT usually the most profitable of all activities. The funny thing is, it is certain that those in your downline, once successful and wealthy will pretend that you led them to success even if you didn’t.  That’s the beauty of MLM.

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  1. Great but I would like to add some things that might add to the list. Duplication doesn't mean you need to create a perfect copy of yourself because by nature we are created unique. Duplication is more on having a system to follow.

    Systems are created to protect you not to harm you. Let's use an example of a very famous Mc Donald's franchise. No matter who you are, once you plugged to their system, you have to follow it. Why? Because their system was already a proven system used by all franchises around the world and that what makes them successful.

    What if you decided to add another menu for Mc Donalds because in your area Mcdo doesn't sell well? If we try to look at other countries, the menus are not the same but the one who decides what menu to offer is the management or the one who leads Mcdo, not the franchisee. Take note the franchisee can suggest by following a certain process but not decide.

    There's no perfect system, it evolves in time depends on the need and demand of the market. So don't really expect every system created is perfect. System was there to create harmony to every unique person.

    The statement "Be Coachable" doesn't always mean you follow every word that person says. It means have an open-mind because you might get the knowledge or skill that might work for you and you need to be successful (Remember rule no.1). :) I realized that sometimes we uncover some of our hidden talents by doing something that we don't feel like doing. (Example like I hate blogging before but now I love it because I saw the purpose and benefit of it for me and to others).

    To conclude:

    Imagine a business as a sport, there's a Coach and there are players with unique talents and abilities. Let's say this Coach has a proven Coaching system that led several teams into championships and now duplicating it to the new team created. Ofcourse we expect that there will be some who are "super performers" like Michael Jordan and "slower performers" like hmm.. me? haha.. (Just borrowed those terms from the blog). Well it's really given, the Coach is sometimes harsh, and a dictator "You do this and that!" like he wants to make the players jog for at least 10 rounds before the training which is to some its very tiring and "Unreasonable". When you look at the back of Coach's mind, he knew that he needs to prepare his players for something bigger, greater challenges, because they will face stronger opponents that's why he wants to push the players beyond their limits and bring out the best from them. Do every player always hit the Coach's expectations? No, but since they are "Coachable" they reflect and do better because their effort is for the team, not for themselves. What makes the team wins, is it because of individual effort only? I don't think so, it's teamwork.

    "Talents can win games, but Teamwork wins championships." - Michael Jordan

    Why am I talking about Teamwork right now since the topic is Duplication? Because business is about teamwork. Even a successful corporate company follows a system of duplication (example like turning over the responsibility to the next CEO) that's why they stay strong. Every successful Business is just a result of great TeamWork and duplication. Network Marketing Business is not an exception from Teamwork.

    This is a great quote to share and a reminder for all of us:

    "Growth only happens when you are uncomfortable." Are you growing or are you dying? :)

    Keep moving forward! Thanks for sharing Cecil. Keep it coming. My growth is unstoppable!