Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Danny Choo’s Success Path…an Inspiration

This would be my second infographic for this year. I’ve created this through our mentor’s assignment in Online Mentoring Club by Jomar Hilario. This is a part of our training so as  to be a successful internet marketer. Our task was to read Danny Choo’s life pattern. See the ups and down, success pattern and the like.  At first I do not want to do this because it’s so boring, but when you started reading Danny Choo’s stories from day one…it’s like Pringles, once you pop…you just can’t stop.  This person really inspires me, I do not know everything about him but I am now beginning to pattern my life to his. I can relate myself to him and his stories. If you are curious about this person, you can visit his website http://www.dannychoo.com/ and know what I mean.
I think he inspires me to create this website…my own online portfolio, though I do not want to do this at first because people might think who the he** is Cecille Solmerano? But I do not care what people might think, I have fans! my mom, my husband, my sisters and my dog Callie. =) hehehe…just kidding. I know someday, my children would recognize how great their mom was and how she added value to other people’s lives by her own simple way.


  1. This is really good! I'm a huge Danny Choo fan (have been for a while) and will be starting a fan page w/in the next few months (DannyChooFan.com)

    Do you have this graphic in a higher resolution by chance? Some of it is hard to read. Otherwise, it's amazing!!

  2. Hi! thank you! I'm glad you liked it =)I think i've kept the original design, hope it was not flooded since it was saved in my external hard disk when a typhoon in our country flushed all my files. Or you might want to check it @ my personal portfolio site. http://cecillesolmerano.wordpress.com/2012/07/18/danny-choos-success-path-an-inspiration/

  3. some of the articles on danny choo's site are unreliable..and the comments. ugh the comments absolutely disgust me. as a japanese-american woman; we can see first hand how westerners or..a good chunk of the commenters so easily fetishize japanese women and how easily we are viewed as mere eye candy; as objects of entertainment and nothing else. i hope he cleans that system.