Tuesday, February 7, 2012

7 Tips on How to Grow Old - And Not Mind It

1 Continue to widen your interest.

Not all of us can go to a foreign country but, long before old age, everyone can begin to look forward to learning new things, to pursuing pastimes and developing skills. you can expose yourself to new interests in many ways, such as browsing through library shelves, attending lectures, joining in civic or welfare activities. Inquiry into things that are new to you quickens the mind and heart.

2 Be eager to continue you life.

Aging is a process in which most people do more things for the last time, and fewer for the first time. Reverse that and you have an antidote for growing old.

3 Be affectionate

Love is one of the most powerful stimulants to a longer, happier life. Human warmth is, of course, not limited to romantic love; devotion to your fellow man serves equally well. The faculty of being genuinely concerned about others enriches anyone's life. The earlier one acquires it, the better fortified he will be for his later years.

4 Don't let emotions rule you.

Giving in to anger is one of our unhealthiest habits. Avoid heated arguments and strong emotional conflicts.

5 Don't Worry

Worry is just a bad emotional habit; like any habit, it can be broken if you make sufficient effort.

6 Make friends easily

as you grow older you must accustom yourself to the loss of lifelong friends and be prepared to make others. To do so, you must have something to offer. You don't need money; offer whatever is pleasant and useful in you.

7 Have religious faith

Religious counselors agree that the real comfort of faith comes but faintly to elderly persons who have previously neglected it. How much richer life is for those whose faith helps them constantly during the stresses and trials of everyday living.

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