Sunday, February 26, 2012

When your situation seems hopeless

Have you ever found yourself in a hopeless situation? Perhaps you've found yourself surrounded by people that did not do you any good, maybe you have found yourself overpowered with financial strain and stress, possibly you have bumped yourself carrying out some type of personal trouble inside your home  that  caused you to find yourself pinned in the difficulty and dilemma of desperation?

Once you are experiencing hopelessness, it's easy to think that God has forgotten you. Nothing could represent more of the fact. It is when you are experiencing lost.. God gives the best for you. Whenever I feel lost, I must admit...I think that God does not love me. 

But I was wrong...really wrong.

Occasionally it is a battle to even exist one day at one time, merely centering sharply on the task at hand.  Exhausts several of the intimidation away of life. Jesus promised us not to be troubled about tomorrow. Whenever you brace oneself for tomorrow by making the best you can today, you will overcharge tomorrow from a lot of its fears.

I Let go of the past, you should too...

I remember the time when I was so desperate to go the United States as a nurse, I've finished all the subjects, I've finished and passed all the exams, My mother payed all the payables just to get to my dream country and landed on my dream job. unfortunately, I wasn't able to bring forth to that dream. and I was desperate and hopeless for two years. I blame myself, I blame the recession, I regret taking nursing...I was not happy. 

But God has a reason...

We enter our comfort zone and do not prefer to change… it is amusing however we are constantly living in the past... It is odd however we center on how matters used to be, what we accustomed to have… What we utilized to act… there is nothing wrong with memories…therefore a lot of times we give up and go down for anything rather by having all that God has for us. We find fault it with past failures… Past heartbreaks… Past bitterness … just if you are becoming to act to your fate, you have to Let Go of the Past! and move on.

I let go...and tell him "Lord, I surrender...Ikaw na ang bahala sa akin, you know what's best for me"

God can be trusted. 

He does want the best for you. Grasping those truths will take time and effort on your part. Jesus never acted out of desperation or hopelessness, and he wants that same assurance in your life.

And I am now happy. Thank you Lord

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