Saturday, February 25, 2012

Coping With Disappointment in As Easy As 1-2-3

There will come a point in your life when you would want something seriously but fail to have it in the end.

The tendency is to feel disappointed over the turn of events, the people involved in it, or yourself. Even those who claim to be emotionally tough also get troubled with disappointment from time to time.
Disappointment can make you lose focus, or the enthusiasm to do your regular chores. In this situation, the importance of coping with disappointment cannot be underrated. Below are a few friendly tips on how you can be your jolly self again despite the disappointment.

Look on the Brighter Side of Things

Some things happen for a reason. But if such a reason is not clearly visible, you can charge it to experience. All things that happen in life, whether good or bad, should make us better than who we were before. Well, this may sound old hat and you have likely heard this somewhere before.

You can try to cheer yourself up by going shopping or food tripping, or whatever else takes your fancy but it probably will not help settle the issue as a whole.

Disappointment is a state of mind, and unless you do something to change your view of things, it will happen again and again until you cannot take any more of it.

Look on the brighter side of things, or if possible, find humor in it.

Learn to Forgive Yourself

Being disappointed with yourself can be the hardest feeling and can leave you sleepless for nights.
Playing the incident in your mind over and over again, thinking about the "what ifs", or what could have been had you done it differently, will only make you looking like a zombie in the morning.
There is no use dwelling on past actions that you can no longer change, nor a sense in being hard on yourself. None of these can make the situation better. There are things that you just don't have control over, and you must learn to accept it.

What you can do instead is, think about what you can do next to make up for what happened - to regain your self-confidence, or the trust of the people you may have hurt in the process (or that may have hurt you).

It is also true that an opportunity may knock only once but there are other more promising opportunities out there waiting for you to get your hands on them.

You may have failed this time but it doesn't mean that you are a failure. Learn to forgive yourself so you can easily move on and prove your worth again.

"Prevention is better than a cure", as the old adage goes.

It will help to lower your expectations sometimes or rather not to expect anything at all in order not to get disappointed.

Do not always think about what other people will say about you, they have their own business to attend to.

Nobody is perfect, and being as human as you can be is not something to be embarrassed about. Also, learn to forgiveFree Web Content, so you or the person who disappointed you can both get on with life.

by  Aliva Kar

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