Saturday, April 7, 2012

How Do Pinoys Give Love?

Pinoys are known to give love and affection. They are caring and sensitive to the needs of other people, especially the ones they love. This is probably the reason why Pinoys working abroad as nurses, caregivers and helpers are preferred by foreigners than other races. Pinoys tend to give more of themselves than other nationalities.

Pinoys are giving and generous. They are known to give time for their family. Sometimes, they even give up their own personal dreams to take care of a sick family member or to attend to a family affair. They often work hard for their family, sometimes giving more than what is required of them.

Pinoys are sacrificial and selfless. This can be seen on the many overseas workers sacrificing to be away from their family to work abroad so that the people they love may have a better life. They work hard to send their siblings or nephews and nieces to school. They always seem to have something extra to give to a relative in need.

Pinoys have a tendency to have close family ties. They show support to their family and friends. More often, they show affinity to people coming from the same background such as school, province or country. This is very prominent when you see Pinoys in other countries.

Pinoys value companionship and friendship. They regard emotional debt are important and they try as much to repay it whenever possible. Pinoys show their love in simple ways and in the most special ways. More importantly, they know that love is willingly given and shared.

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