Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tips on How to Discover and Develop Ideas

Every second, a new idea is born. It may not always be a great idea, but most great ideas we have right now started with being not so good. Some are even so stupid that they ended up being one of the best ideas there is.

So how do we discover these great ideas and develop them?

The first step is to just let the idea flow. No matter how stupid of out of this world it may seem just let it come. The brainstorming moment should never be limited nor stopped by logic or reason. If you think you have an idea, write it down and just let it run through your brain without asking if it is doable or not. It is best if you can think of more than one idea before you lay it down for development.

Next, ask someone you trust and whom you think is well versed in that certain field where you idea belongs. Share your idea and see what he thinks. Point out the good and bad side of the idea. Here is a tip: There is no such thing as a perfect idea, there will always be a bad side of it. The trick is to look for an idea where its positive side overweighs its negative side.

Then, choose at least a top three among your ideas and do a thorough research on it. If you only have three ideas, then go back to the first step. Brainstorm with friends if you want to create more idea. Two heads is always better than one. Provide a brief study supporting each idea so that you can better see which ones are the best.

Lastly, choose the best idea and push through with it. Gather the necessary resources for you to make the idea a reality. Just remember, ideas are great. But the application is more important.
But don’t disregard your second best idea just yet, because most often, it becomes the better idea.

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