Tuesday, January 31, 2012

12 Ways to see how easily you can get Along Well with People

If a man is wise, he discovers that life is a mixture of good days and bad, victory and defeat, give and take. Associating with the right people is vital for helping you succeed and move closer to your goals. With the right influences, comes the right mindset, thinking and behavior which will help you move quicker and more robustly to the things you want. In this article, we talk about the importance of associating with positive and optimistic people and its impact on your success.

1.     Learn that the first one who loses his temper usually is the loser.

2.   Learn that carrying a chip on your shoulder is the easiest way to get into a fight.

3.  Learn that most people are human and that it doesn't do any harm to smile and say “good morning” even if it is raining.

4.  Learn that it doesn't matter so much that gets the credit as long as the business shows a profit.

5. Learn to express sympathy with the youngsters coming into the business, because you remember how panicky you were when you started out.

6.  Learn that no man ever got to first base alone and that it is only through cooperative effort that we move on to better things.

7.  Learn that it doesn't pay to be sensitive soul – which he should let some things go over his head like water off a duck’s head.

8.   Learn that all men have burnt toast for breakfast now and then, and that he shouldn't take the other fellow’s grouch too seriously.

9.  Learn the quickest way to become unpopular is to carry tales and gossip about others.

10.   Learn that most of the other fellows are as ambitious as you are, that they have brains that are as good or better, and that hard work, and not cleverness is the secret of success.

11. Come to realize that the business could run along perfectly without you.

12.  Learn to sympathize with the youngsters coming into the business, because you remember how bewildered you were when you first started out. My favorite phrase for this according to T.harv Eker is “My Master was once a Disaster”.

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