Monday, January 30, 2012

Top 12 Fixes of Pinoys on Boredom

1. TELENOVELA TIME. For others, watching television less will keep them away from boredom. But for Pinoys, their much awaited telenovelas will keep them alive.

2. DIVISORIA TIME. Pinoys love to shop for bargains. This is their break from their everyday routine.

3. STARBUCK'S TIME. Pinoys loves to keep in touch with friends and relatives. They love to "tambay" in restaurants, carienderia, coffee shop and malls.

4. CHIT-CHAT TIME. At work, Pinoy find the time to chat with fellow co-worker no matter what.

5. POWERBOOKS OR NATIONAL BOOKSTORE TIME. Some Pinoys loves to read, the enjoy browsing the books, magazines in the stalls of some bookstores, this is their way of finding new attitudes and possibilities.

6. KARAOKE TIME. When possible, Pinoys change routine, and when they do, they find time singing in Videoke bars with friends or they just buy the "1000 Videoke songs" in Arangke or the "Magic sing". 

7. FACEBOOK TIME. 80% of their time are spend in facebook, and guess what?! They never get bored. Thanks to Farmville, Cityville, Castleville and other villes.

8. BUBBLE GANG TIME. Pinoys try to see the funny side of life. Laughter is the best medicine for boredom. The more they laugh, The less bored they'll be.

9. HOME MAKEOVER TIME. Pinoys always do some drastic change to position their furnishings. They are happy when they see their house in a different style.

10. EXHIBIT TIME. Pinoys loves to attend different kind of support groups, seminars, conferences and exhibits. They want to look around and find something interesting.

11. SALON AND SPA TIME. Pinays especially. The love to pride in the personal appearance to fix boredom. They love to have a new hair-do, a new nail polish and a quick spa to relieve their tensions.

12. FAMILY TIME. This is the most important thing Pinoy trully enjoys. Spending quality time with their family, even if doing only the household chores; they go out as a family, even if it's onlt to walk down the street.

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