Wednesday, January 18, 2012

“Annebisyosa” Nothing is Impossible for Anne Curtis

Actress Anne Curtis can't believe her first major solo concert is really happening in less than two weeks.
In her official Twitter account, Curtis said the thought that she is actually holding a concert is just finally sinking in.

“Im actually having a concert at the Smart Araneta! Who would have thought?! Kaya ko ba to? #AnnebisyosaWORLDTOUR,” she said.

“10 days to go till my concert! OMG. This is really really happening! #ANNEBISOYSAWorldTour There's no backing out now,” she added.

Curtis started rehearsing for her concert since late December.
Titled "No Other Concert," Curtis will take on the Big Dome on January 28.


Everybody has a dream, even me, I've always wanted to be a super model when I was a kid. It seems that Ms. Anne Curtis is really UNSTOPPABLE, which makes me more proud of her. All of us, at some point in our lives, have had dreams of being somebody special, someone who achieved great things. We all had dreams of being rich and famous, successful and happy. 

Unfortunately only very few amongst us have made those dreams come true. Most of the time our dreams have remained just that – dreams. But for Anne Curtis, nothing is impossible!

In stead of going through the excitement of achieving what we dreamt about we relapse into our day to day life and in stead of really living a full life we choose to be non existent and we prefer to live a life of survival. 

Life can be so much more, though, if only we would be prepared to go for a little more. However most of us prefer to think: I’ll never be able to do that. It’s too difficult. It’s impossible, because………. And we have a list of reasons for it.
If you feel a deep passion for something and you create focus, commitment and perseverance, anything can be accomplished and your so called “impossible” dream can become very real indeed. 

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