Thursday, January 26, 2012

Entrepreneurs Just Wanna Have Fun

Entrepreneurs enjoy what they do, because primarily most of them do not enjoy being told what to do and where and when to do it. If you are working in someone else’s organization definitely you will come across those disadvantages. If you are an employee who are constantly puzzled and often irritated by the decisions their bosses impose on them. So you, yourself is the only person to blame if your job is boring, repetitive, or takes up time that should perhaps be spent with family and friends. Entrepreneurs most of the time has the ability “to do things my way”.

Most employees, having the thought of being financially free, started their own business. But there is a high failure rate for new businesses owners, when they might be more successful and more contented in some other line of endeavor, they believe to be right for the time, however, some people are seduced by the glamour of starting up their own.

Managing your own firm allows you to do things in a way that you think the market, and your employees. Until, of course, you become big and successful yourself. Aside from winning the lottery, starting to be an entrepreneur is the only way to achieve full financial independence. But true to the fact that most people who work for themselves do not become ultra rich. But many do and many more become far wealthier than they would probably have become working for someone else. Apart from this, this is not to say it is not without risk.

Running your own business means taking more risks than you do if you’re working for someone else. If the business fails, you could stand to lose far more than your job. You can also make money working at your own pace when you want to and even help out your family to make some money too. Or if your business fails, you would also be responsible for all the debt incurred. This could mean having to sell up your home and other assets to meet your obligations. In this situation, not only will all your hard work have been to no avail, you could end up poorer than when you started. Also winding up a business is far from fun or personally rewarding. The reality is that running your own business is pure hard work at first, that’s where the enjoyment starts. You have to win the money game. Take this as a challenge because those facts will help you keep your motivation in order to have a great chance of success.

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