Thursday, January 19, 2012

What will you leave behind before you die? Try the "if i die" app from facebook

 There is a new application for the social media site called If I Die which gives people a chance to write their final status update in advance. This new facebook app really is weird. But let's see why thousands of people are using  this app? 

After installing the free app, a person chooses three Facebook friends to be "trustees" whose job is to verify your eventual death. Once those people are picked, the user can then record videos or craft any number of status updates that will be published posthumously, such as "Why didn't I spend more time doing the mambo," "The pizza's better in heaven" or "Can somebody tape 'The Bachelor' for me?"

1. Install the free app, here

2. choose your 3 Facebook friends that will be your "trustees" (their job is to verify your eventual death--wag naman sana)

3. If you already chose your 3 friends, you can then record your videos, habilin, or status that you want them to post. examples are "I should have focused more on my Zumba trainings", "Can you update my status to "millionaire in heaven" or "Is everybody happy? I want everybody to be happy. I know I'm happy."
According to .The idea for the after-death app came after the friends of company CEO Eran Alfonta nearly died in a car accident. They stopped aside and drank water and relaxed and started speaking between themselves: 'Oh my god, what would happen to the kids if something happened to me?'" 

Lastly, its only goal is to provide people with peace of mind. it encourages people to bid their final farewell, their long held secret, and their last loving words to their loved one. Try it!

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